Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sign This!

The truth is more important than the facts.
-- Frank Lloyd Wright

Apparently, the company doing the construction on the small parcel bordering Thompson/Watts/Broome streets is not even sure who ordered the job done. But SoHo is now the proud recipient of yet another useless structure whose only reason for existence – is to sport another “wrap-around” billboard. In fact, the race to create this 40-foot high tubular steel Lego set has pitched media companies against each other. The existing VanWagner sign, which has aided the media mess that is turning SoHo into a mini-Times Square, is apparently going to be partially blocked by the new addition. At least there’s some justice in this unfortunate event.

Where once there was art, we now have Times Square in SoHo. Big media money has clearly taken over the political process.

The Community Board is nowhere to be seen or heard from in this matter, despite the fact that its entire force was rallied to arrange the removal of one in Greenwich Village. It’s just another example of the political neglect that has severed SoHo from any meaningful support.


Pete said...

The problem here is that this little lot sits outside any Landmarked District (unlike the big Equinox sign on West 12th Street).

This sits within a Manufacturing District where signage is much less controlled.

Broome Street (this is 517 Broome) should be declared a Boulevard where, under zoning regs, such big stuff could be controlled.

Anonymous said...

I think the sign is great! It will bring great revenue to the parcel owner.

Anonymous said...

We have same problems in all european countries, see what are happend in Greece and Spain, there is no european union that can driver out fast this bad situation...