Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The October Surprise

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.
-- Philip K. Dick (1928 - 1982)

Those of you who have been anticipating regime change in lower Manhattan will be happy to know that 2009 will be the year that all bets are off. Flowing from the national political scene down to the City Council and Mayoral elections, big changes are coming our way.

Due to the financial problems on Wall Street and the difficult economic conflagration that is now clearly coming, there will be disruptions that are unexpected. However, all of our needs will be met by those who care deeply about us.

First of all, George Bush is now expected to run for a third term as President and will be announcing his plans shortly.
Due to the fact that we are at war on two fronts, are seriously considering an attack on Iran, and are facing the challenge by worldwide terrorism, it stands to reason that the continuation of our policies with a President who is familiar with our current positions, should be supported in his plans to run for a third term. Bush is also dealing with the disruption in our financial markets and a worldwide credit meltdown. Since he is precluded from running for a third term, and since holding a referendum on the issue is deemed unnecessary, the Republican caucus will handle this mere detail.

Bush has also held discussions with other leaders who also concerned with our well being.

Locally, in view of those same economic concerns, a special session of the City Council will be asked to confirm suspension of term limits which will maintain the status quo for most City Council members as well as Mayor Bloomberg. The Mayor is scheduled to formally announce his plans tomorrow -- when he will advise us that only he can save us from the economic storm about to hit. No doubt, he and Bush come from the same school of Republican Saviours.
The current Council members, displaying their typical hubris, have no personally vested interest in promulgating this mid-session change of heart. Roughly two-thirds of the City Council who would ordinarily have been forced to leave office, will now remain seated.

Fortunately, it will also be unnecessary for people to vote on this issue.
And, while Ron Lauder, the activist politician who has previously championed the rights of voters in deciding such changes in the past, he has now seen fit to support this third-term cause. It wasn't o.k. for Rudy, but for Mikey, sure, why not? Clearly, Murdoch of Newscorp and Ross of the Related Companies (of Pier 40 fame and Doctoroff’s buddy) having seen the "green" light, as well as a precipitous drop in their stock, has indicated the right path for Hi-Rise Mike to follow.
Apparently, business leaders will soon convince the reconstituted Mayor and the amenable City Council, that a voter referendum on this issue will be unnecessary.

If we are all lucky enough to have our Dear Leaders think and plan for us in these difficult times, we will not have to worry our pretty little heads about what is best for us. They really don’t need us meddling with their plans.

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