Friday, April 03, 2009

The Flap

Politics is applesauce.
-- Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

With the contentious races for several political offices, it’s no surprise that even the clubs are giving off some heat.

We are a long way from decisions on who D.I.D. is supporting but the McManus Westside Democratic Club is already out there. The problem is, there’s a little controversy over the press release sent out by Bernie Cohen, Jim McManus’s longtime friend.

The press release supports Leslie Crocker Snyder, John Liu and Eric Gioia. According to Cohen, Jim McManus knew about the press release – according to McManus, he didn’t.

When he was reached by phone, Jim stated that he is supporting Snyder but has not made a decision on either Liu or Gioia. “Bernie says I authorized the press release and I say I didn’t” was his response.

With every move that the political people make and then figuring out the percentages gained or lost with each chess piece moving about the board, these little tidbits matter.